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Caveat:  Some of the information on these pages is unverified, and might be incomplete.

This web site hosted by Peter B Glenn, and as such represents the genealogy of our immediate families on both sides, eventually going back to Samuel Glenn in 1784 and William Bivins in 1782.  Other branches go back similarly.

The information on these pages was compiled by
Peter B Glenn WITH CONTRIBUTIONS by Eileen M Bivens Glenn, Curtis R Glenn, Charlotte E Becker Glenn Miller, Russell Luce, Paul Cerquoz. Judie Darbee, Lynne Mason, Mark McGlinchey Angela McGlinchey, Ken Broughall and other members of the Glenn, Bivens/Bivins, Colclough and Chapman families that we could contact. We tried our best to verify information through several sources, and further research is needed for a lot of the pages.

  This information is to be used only for family genealogy research.  Any other use is contrary to the laws of the United States and other foreign jurisdictions.

   This information is also available in Family Tree Maker and GEDCOM formats.  If you are a member of the families in question, I would be happy to provide a copy.

This is a work in progress and if you have any additions/comments/corrections to this information, we welcome all comers....

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Here is where our branch of Glenns settled in 1790-1805

There are several branches of Glenns in the vicinity of Mercer County in Crawford, Butler and Armstrong counties.  There were some in Ohio Indiana and Illinois too.  We don't know yet if they are related.  They may be through John Glenn, father of Samuel Glenn of Sandy Lake, Mercer Co, PA.  We don't know if or how many siblings Samuel had when they settled in PA.  Samuel is my g4-grandfather. (Peter Glenn)


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If it's not underlined, it's not active link and we don't have any further information on that surname but the one individual.

Family surnames include (the ones underlined are links): 

Ackerly  Adams  Akerly  Allen  Allward  Archer  Bacon   Baker  Barr   Batey Baur  Bawden  Beal  Becker   Beinert  Benning  Berry   Bhattacharya   Birch  Bivens   Bivins   Bivvins  Black  Bloeth  Blount  Bohanna   Bommerer  Bonner  Boud  Bowling  Boyles  Braden  Bright  Brinley  Brokenshire  Bronson  Broughall  Brown  Bryan  Buckle  Bull  Callender  Carroll  Casissi   Cerquoz  Chapman   Chatterton  Clayton  Cleaves  Cleland  Clute  Coats  Cobb  Colclough  Colin  Conklin  Conkling  Coogan Cooper  Cory  Corkhill  Corwin  Coulter  Crawe  Crowell   Cumming   Darbee  Darcy  Darling  Davis  Deemer Dempsy  Deppa  Dicky  Doty  Doughty  Driscoll  DuBois  Duck   Duker   Dutcher   Eakings  Ebert  Eddy  Edwards   Elmont  Elton  Emerick  Epp  Evans  Fanning  Fareau  Farnham  Fenner  Ferris  Foley  Foord  Forbes  Fordham  Frank  Fredrichson  Free  Frensham  Froelich  Furman  Gaffney  Garlock  Gascoigne  Geiger  Gerrity  Gilmore  Glenn  Golden Goldsmith  Gordon  Gowin  Graff  Graham  Grappy  Green  Gritman   Gross   Hallock  Hampton  Hane  Harned Harnett  Hassell   Hatfield  Hathaway  Havens  Hawver  Haxton   Hayne   Hays  Heide  Helfrich  Hendrickson  Higbie  Hinkel  Hitt  Hobart  Hodgson  Hodil  Horton Hosmer  Hotchkin  Hurley  Jakeman  James  Johnson   Jones  Jordan  Joscelyn/ Joslin   Kane   Karlslang  Kemps  Kennedy  Ketcham  Kilgore  King  Knight   Knodel  Korlanta  Kramp  Krokos  Kronenberg  Kronholm  Kull  Laflash  Lamb  Langton  Latting  Lee  Lofthouse  Loftby  Luce   Maenicke  MacMillan  Martin  McCabe  McClelland  McCoy  McGlinchey  McKenzie  McMichael   Meehan  Meier  Merritt  Meiyer  Michaud  Millen  Miller  Montgomery  Moran  Morgan  Morin/Morris  Mott  Mould  Mulford  O'Brien  O'Dell  O'Flanagan  O'Neill  Oster  Owens  Pantry  Parrish  Pettit  Pfefer  Phillips  Pinkerton  Porter  Potter  Power  Price  Purden  Rau  Reed/Reid   Reilly  Rheinhart  Reisinger  Rheifenburg  Rhodes Riceinger  Risley  Robb Robbins Robinson   Ruland  Ryerson  Sawyer  Scheer  Schmelter  Schmidt Schwindt  Scully  Sefrin  Sessions  Sexton  Shilling  Shipman  Sickler   Simcox  Smith   Soczenski  Spencer  Sprague  St John  Stevens/Stephens  Stewart  Stiles  Stone  Sweeney  Sweet  Sweezey  Sylvester  Syphers  Terry  Thurston  Tilley  Timmons  Toms  Tooker  Tracy  Transham  Truchan  Tuthill  Tyler  Udall Vail  Van Aken  Van Houten Van Keuran  Van Marter  Van_Steenburg  Van Waggonen Van Ness  Wade  Wadley  Wallace   Warner  Wayman  Weber-Wunderlich  Weddle  Wells  West  White  Wickwire  Wilbur  Williams  Winner  Wolfersteig  Wood  Woodard  Woods  Worden  Wright  Wunderlich  Yard  Yorks

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